Colour: Be not afraid.

I love colour.  Maybe it’s because I have lived in Edmonton my entire life, where winter lasts longer than spring and summer combined.  The cold months drag on, endlessly, and the outdoors is devoid of vibrant hues, with the exception of pure white after a fresh snowfall.  Other than that, it’s dirty brown and grey.  Yuck.

In order to counter the effects of the doldrums of the long, dreary season, I have learned to embrace colour in my personal and work environments.  Anyone who has been to Henry’s can attest it’s anything but bland.  We bring colour inside, with accessories, furniture, wall art, drapery, live plants contained in stylish vessels, and everlasting botanicals.  The upholstered floor models are often treated in colours such as purple, blue (especially teal), red, gold, and even hot pink(!).

Our multi-talented Kirsten put together the most beautiful jewel-toned vignette.  Here’s how she did it.

A grape condo sofa, bold teal high back chair, a bright pink area rug, and a combination of rustic and painted teal tables were the jumping off point.

To tie all the colours together, Kirsten utilized two pretty watercolour print toss cushions on the sofa.  On the teal chair she placed a purple and teal kidney cushion adorned with an elephant.  This step ensures the colour scheme makes sense.

[vc_single_image image="2080" img_size="medium"]

The third and final step was to accessorize the space.  This is often harder than it looks.  Scale, shape and colour are important elements to consider when choosing the finishing touches.  And don’t forget the floral.  A combination of real and silk add a natural touch.

And now for the ta-da moment.  The result is a beautiful, vibrant design which most certainly will chase away the winter blahs.

[vc_single_image image="2074" img_size="medium"]

If you would like to inject colour into your space, but don’t know how, the team at Henry’s can help.  Call us at 780.454.6660 to find out more about our interior decorating services.

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