Getting Ready for the Holidays – Clearing Clutter

It’s that time of year again.  The weather is colder, the snow has fallen, and we’ve brought out our holiday wares and trims.  With the changing seasons comes a significant shift in the energy around us, which motivates us to adjust our lifestyles accordingly.  We clear the clutter in preparation for the Christmas season ahead.



In the fall I usually clear out my unwanted or unused “stuff”.  Recently, my house-clearing produced a whopping nine bags of items destined for charity.  It seems like a lot, but I’m sure if you looked closely at the objects around your home, you would be surprised at how much “stuff” you have.

Learning about clearing clutter has provided me with a sense of what is truly important in my home.   Each object I own affects the energy in my home and my personal energy as well.  I don’t want to keep items around me that serve no purpose.  Why waste space?

Clearing those items that were gifts can be difficult.  If you received a gift from someone you love but you don’t like it, the item isn’t serving you positively.  For example, a friend gave me a gift that remained in my home even after the friendship dissolved.  However, whenever I looked at this object, I was reminded of the negativity of the relationship and of how it had ended.  Although it was part of a collection I adore, I gave that piece away.  Doing this can be uncomfortable for some people, but the most important part of the exchange is the act of giving.Buddha

Holding on to something “just in case” can also weigh us down.  If you aren’t using it now, or you haven’t used it in the past year (or six months even) then the item isn’t serving its purpose.  We use valuable cupboard space keeping that bread maker or kitchen gadget you used twice.  Sometimes, we even forget we have these things until we clean a cupboard or a drawer.  Keep only those things you use often.

So how do you begin to clear clutter in your home?   Below is a step-by-step plan.  If you get stuck on any item, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I use it?
  • Do I need it?
  • Does it evoke a positive feeling and lift my spirits?

If you answered no to any of these questions, the item in question should be thrown out or given away.

Step-by-Step Clutter Clearing

Step 1: Decide on a plan for your clutter clearing (will you set aside a specific amount of time on the same day each week? will you complete one room at time?, etc.).

Step 2: Set clutter clearing goals (I will have de-cluttered and cleaned (e.g., the front closet, the master bedroom, three drawers, etc.) by a certain date.

Step 3: Begin de-cluttering the area of your home that bothers you most.  (If you are still unsure, begin with the front door, master bedroom and kitchen).

Step 4: Prepare physically by arranging boxes for clutter clearing.  Label them as “donations”, “garbage”, “garage sale” and “giveaways”.

Step 5: De-clutter the space before you try to re-organize it.  Remember the 50:50 rule in order to create space in your life for new items and new opportunities.  Cupboards, drawers and surfaces should only be half-covered or half-filled so new things can enter your home and life.

Step 6: Be sure to clean each area after you’ve eliminated the clutter.

Step 7: Add aromatherapy oils once you’ve de-cluttered and cleaned (e.g., lemongrass, sage, rosemary, or a personal favorite).

Step 8: Repair broken items (when possible) as you complete the de-cluttering and cleaning in each area.

Step 9:  Plan to take the boxes to their appropriate locations as soon as you can.

Have fun and happy clearing!


Feng Shui Practitioner


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